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The Platform

Working for the people.

Born and raised in this community, I have had access to many positive resources and supports that have been essential to my success; this includes high-quality public education. It is important that we preserve and strengthen key resources, like our public-school system, so that other hardworking folks in our community may also rise above potential barriers and life circumstances. This means keeping charter schools out of our community and supporting our public schools fully so that they may thrive. This also means ensuring that the basic needs of our community members are met such as food, shelter, and healthcare.  I have been apart of this community for many years, working tirelessly to make it a better place. I would be honored to continue working for our community as your Representative. 

Everyone deserves to be heard


I’m running for State Representative because I want to preserve and strengthen community resources, including public education. These were essential to my success and to the success of others in our community. Additionally, as a millennial woman, I want to be an example and empower more young people of all backgrounds to get active and be the positive change they wish to see in their communities! I am running because the future of our community is important to me and I believe that everyone deserves a say in how policies may affect that future. 

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